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Watch: LeBron James does the Collin Sexton defensive stance with daughter

LeBron James

LeBron James might have moved on to the Los Angeles Lakers, but it’s pretty clear that he is still paying attention to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Late in the Cavs summer league game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Collin Sexton stepped up to defend Josh Hart and grabbed everyone’s attention with his intense defensive stance.

It worked, as it forced Hart into a tough three-pointer for the win, which clanked off the back of the rim.

James took notice of the clip which went viral on social media and tried to show his daughter how to make the same move. His daughter, however, wasn’t having any of it and decided it was time to drop some dance moves.

After the draft before James had made his decision, at least publicly Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman talked about how well the two players could play together. Altman also thought that Sexton would be able to take a big load off of James’ shoulders.

“I hope,” Altman said via Cleveland.com. “I think the pick, along with our youth and our momentum as a franchise, for LeBron and for everybody, I think there’s a real energy here. And I think the talent level of Collin I’m almost sure LeBron recognizes.”

“I think what could have helped [LeBron] as well was just another playmaker, another guy to put pressure on the defense,” Altman said. “And Collin is explosive. He can get into the paint. He can make stuff happen. He’s fast in transition. And I think ball-handling wise he can take the load off LeBron a little bit and again.”

With James gone, this is Sexton’s team to lead into the next era. He is going to get all the minutes he can handle this year as they try to groom him into the next superstar they’ll be building around.

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