The mind of LeBron James is a impenetrable fortress that even some of the league’s brightest minds can’t fathom. James is simply unpredictable, which is a good thing on the court, but a sometimes trouble features away from the hardwood.

Of course, since the beginning of the decade, James has been engaged in a serious attempt to win as much championships as he can to chase the best player in league history, Michael Jordan. To do this, James left Cleveland in 2010 to win two championships in Miami.

He returned to Cleveland and in 2016 won another championship over the 73-win Golden State Warriors. Suddenly afterwards, reality set in and the Warriors annihilated the Cavaliers 4-1 in a dominating fashion.

This influenced James that his team simply wasn’t strong enough to defeat the Warriors. To make matters worse, superstar point guard Kyrie Irving was reportedly fed up with James and the Cavaliers and wanted out.

James didn’t welcome a deal for Irving, but he likely wanted the Cavaliers to receive an adequate return for Uncle Drew. Instead, the Cavaliers received an injured Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and two draft picks.

In hindsight, the deal seemed like a steal, but James was reportedly disappointed by how the deal worked out, according to ESPN.

James was reportedly disappointed that the Cavaliers weren’t able to negotiate for another first-round pick, or even one of the Celtics’ young stars, in order to compensate them for taking on a less-than-100-percent Thomas.

It stands to reason that James would be upset over the deal. The Cavaliers lost one of the best point guards in the league and have nothing to show for it. Though, you won’t ever see James complain about it.