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LeBron James didn’t take shot at Kyrie Irving in latest interview

LeBron James Kyrie Irving

In the first few months since the Cleveland Cavaliers made the move to trade All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, his name has remained a prevalent topic around the team.

It has gotten to the point to where everything that is said by LeBron James has become completely analyzed to meaning something deeper than a straightforward response. This was once again the case when James was recently interviewed by Howard Beck of Bleacher Report with his comment Isaiah Thomas was perceived as a shot at Irving by stating that he hadn’t played with a “clear-cut guy” who has the ability to score and playmake.

All of this pushed Beck to finally weigh in the situation by stating that James’ comments were misinterpreted by the public.

It is simply an overanalysis of a quote from James that had no correlation back to Irving in any manner, which is actually dating back to his time with the Miami Heat. During that time with the Heat, Wade was still in the prime of his career as a dual-threat being a premier scoring and an above-average passer.

This isn’t the first time and likely won’t be the last time this will be the case for James as many things he has stated often are taken for intending to be something else. It also isn’t new territory for the 32-year-old to go through and not realize what he says won’t be seen with much scrutiny given the caliber of player he is.

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