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LeBron James describes Donovan Mitchell in two words

Donovan mitchell

Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell has made a bunch of noise so far this season.

Other than Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers, Mitchell has been far and away the best rookie of this young NBA season, and will content for Rookie of the Year honors throughout the season.

But Mitchell has recently turned a prominent head. In advance of tonight’s game between the Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James gave his two cents on the dynamic Jazz rookie, per Nikki Goel of Cavs Nation.

That’s not all James said about the Jazz. It appears he watched Utah’s win over the Boston Celtics on Friday, and James had some positive things to say about the team the Cavaliers will face tonight.

James is a student of the game, and an NBA junkie as well. It’s not surprising that he set aside some time to watch his next opponent play. He’s probably studying what the Jazz like to do, how they’ll defend and what that kid Mitchell is all about.

What James said wasn’t on par with some of the things he has said about other rookies this season, namely Lonzo Ball. But Mitchell has definitely caught the eye of James, which is a feat in itself.

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