LeBron James darted yet another shot at President Donald Trump after his recent speech following the violent white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, doubling down on his approach Tuesday. The 45th president angrily defended himself against the incessant criticism that he did not specifically condemn Nazi and white supremacist groups following this weekend’s deadly racial unrest.

Trump at one point questioned the movement to pull down statues of Confederate leaders would escalate to the desecration of George Washington.

The King has been an avidly outspoken anti-Trump presence on Twitter and during any other social setting, making this another instance of his disapproval with the current regime.

Trump failed to condemn the violent actions that took place over this past weekend, inspiring rage in James, who denounced him for his actions.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star forward has dealt with his share of drama this offseason, but this situation has turned into yet another issue to occupy his mind, amid the many trade destination for his All-Star teammate Kyrie Irving.

James had a direct reaction to the Charlottesville violence on Saturday and fixed his aim on Trump, who was an unlikely Twitter ghost during the weekend.

LeBron has the popularity and social following to make others join him in sentiment, but at a time of such unrest, it’ll be a tough task to see other NBA and pro sport stars speak out on this matter unless they do so collectively.