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LeBron James compares possible reception to Kyrie Irving’s return to hostile atmosphere in 2010

leBron james Kyrie Irving stranger behavior

When LeBron James announced his decision to join the Miami Heat back in 2010, he immediately became one of the most-hated personalities in the whole state of Ohio. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ fans felt they were betrayed by their hometown hero leaving them, and they did not gladly accept him when he first played inside Quicken Loans Arena wearing the South Beach team’s jersey.

When asked if he thinks Kyrie Irving will also receive the same reception he had seven years ago, LeBron James said he does not think that will be the case come season opener. He then added, via an interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN, that it will never be close to what he had to go through on December 2, 2010. Even Dwyane Wade agreed that it’s going to be totally different.

“Everybody’s good. Everybody’s good. “KD (Kevin Durant) last year in Oklahoma City, Paul George going to go back to Indiana, you know, D-Wade’s going to go to Chicago, Kyrie’s coming back to Cleveland. No (it won’t compare).”

LeBron James and the Heat entered the Cavs’ homecourt, and was greeted with tons of boos and signs questioning his loyalty. He was even called a coward for leaving, and needing to join forces with Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in order to give himself a better chance of winning a title.

But that’s part of history. James returned home and won a championship for the Cavs in 2016, living up to his promise. Kyrie Irving’s is an entirely different situation. He has already helped in bringing Cleveland its much sought after title. If any, it could be a night of appreciation.

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