If we have learned anything about Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, it’s this: When he makes a statement, we’d better listen because it will be important.

On Tuesday morning, he did it again.

In a session with reporters, James had some harsh words for the NCAA in the wake of the federal investigation alleging that several former or current college and high school players took money while in school. Some of those players are currently in the NBA.

James did not mince words about the largest association of college athletes.

“NCAA is corrupt. We know that,” James said. “Sorry, it’s going to make headlines. But it’s corrupt.”

James also said he likes what the G League is doing so far, but more work needs to be done. He would like all 30 teams to get to the point where they all have a G League team. Currently, 26 NBA teams have one.

Listen to James’ full comments in the video below.

James also touched on the money college athletes receive relative to the salary of their coaches. However, he admitted that while he did not have a solution, something needed to change, per Nikki Goel of ClutchPoints.

James is one of the foremost voices of issues for the NBA. And even though he did not go to college and experience some of the issues with the NCAA and its holding of college athletes, he words won’t go unnoticed.

James comes off as the type of person that keeps his ear to the ground about issues affecting his fellow basketball players. To his credit, he has earned the respect needed to have the ear of the league.

So when he says he will discuss improving the current feeder system into the NBA, fans should rest assured that he will do just that.