LeBron James was surprised upon finding out that his team’s Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Toronto Raptors is the only one that doesn’t have two games of rest in between.

“It’s kinda weird we’re the only series that does not get two days in between games,” James told reporters, according to Sports Illustrated. “That’s kinda weird.”

Others in the national spectrum had a different way of viewing this.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ series against the Raptors; if it went to a Game 7, would end before the Golden State Warriors-New Orleans Pelicans series, which was the first to start between the two.

Yet James noted prior to Game 1 of the series that fatigue was not a factor, so it shouldn’t bode a problem for him. The 15-year forward said he would find “pockets” of time in which he would rest and preserve energy to deploy in pivotal situations.

“It’s about growing and maturing and understanding how you can play smarter and play harder at times, but also having your mind into it,” said James. “It’s not like you go out there and say ‘okay, I’m not gonna get back on defense or I’m not gonna do this here.”

Up 1-0 in the series, the Cavs have a chance to dismantle the Raptors by winning again and potentially sweeping their way past this round if they happen to defend home court advantage.