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LeBron James’ assists totals translate to wins for the Cavs

LeBron James, cavaliers

There is no need to watch every single Cleveland Cavaliers game this season to realize that when LeBron James is on the court, everything on offense is ran through him. The Cavs star brings the ball up the court or has somebody else brings it up so he can get it back at the top of the 3-point line, calls pick-and-rolls, gives instructions to his teammates on the court, and many more.

James has earned the privilege to do all these, thanks to his fantastic court vision and awareness. James often finds teammates cutting and spots wide open shooters at the corner. When he does not get the chance to handle the ball as much or his teammates miss too many shots off his passes, the Cavs do not play too good.

At least that is what statistics about James’ assists reflect. According to Basketball-Reference.com, the Cavs have won 21 out of their last 30 games when James dishes six or more assists. But what happens when he can only get five or less? The Cavs have lost 20 out of their last 30 games in such instances.

Tonight, the Cavs host the Golden State Warriors in a much-anticipated matchup. The bad news is LeBron averages only four assists in his last six regular season games against the Warriors. With the pattern these stats reflect, things do not look good for Cavs fans tonight.

The team also struggled to make shots over their recent five-game road trip, in which they were only able to win a single game. James averages 8.8 assists per game; if he is able to dish as much and his teammates pick the shooting up, they could beat the Warriors in an intense game at Quicken Loans Arena.

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