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LeBron James and teammates visit Gordon Hayward in locker room right after injury

LeBron James

There are those moments in the NBA when players are fiercely competing to top one another, and then there are others when no matter what jersey have on they have to come together.

Tuesday’s opening night game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics began with a buzz, then the air was taken out of the building moments later in the first quarter, when Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffered a horrendous leg injury during a sequence that left his comrade’s stomachs turned upside down.

Some players turned their heads, while others kneeled down to pray knowing how quickly such season-ending injuries can occur, and it could easily happen to anyone on the court.

As Hayward sat on the floor in shock at what had just occurred, team doctors rushed over to administer whatever aid they could before removing him from the court. A moment later LeBron James came over to give Hayward some words of encouragement although his exact words were not known. At that very moment, they were not enemies but brothers, and fellow athletes who understand that their health is one of their most precious commodities.

After the ending of the quarter, James had helped his team jump to a lead over the Celtics, but he had not forgotten about Hayward. In between quarters, James, Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and others went to visit the locker room where Hayward received more treatment and waited on his diagnosis as reported by Brian Windhorst.

This was definitely a moment where players appreciate each other, and for all intents and purposes, some things are much more important than just basketball at those times.

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