Over the weekend, LeBron James’ wife, Savannah, celebrated her 31st birthday in the company of friends and family. While turning one year older may sound discouraging to some, it looks like Mrs. James was in good spirits.

In a short video clip posted to Snapchat on Sunday, Savannah, LeBron, and J.R. Smith can be seen singing along to various songs as they drove to an undisclosed location to celebrate. Even when the group of friends got out of their SUV, the music (and dancing) continued to ring out.

Wherever this group of characters was headed, there is no doubt they had a good time when they arrived. The only question is: Did J.R. wear those shorts inside?

As most hoops fans know, James has been working tirelessly this summer in preparation for the upcoming season. Long hours in the practice gym and a strict diet regiment are large parts of the process. Simple moments like these, however, with friends and family, are fleeting. It’s nice to see the King and Queen taking a break.