The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a surprising season, thanks in part to big man Lauri Marrkanen, who’s been showing he is always ready to go to war with his new team. But how about in a real one?  According to BasketNews, the Cavs shooter has been added by Finland to the Finnish Defense Forces Sports School list, which could mean he will have to serve military time for his country.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lauri Markkanen has been included in the Finnish Defense Forces Sports School list, meaning the NBA player may need to serve in the Finnish military.

Marrkanen’s agent, meanwhile,  has said that the Cavs forward is very much willing to fulfill his military obligations when the time is right (h/t Michael Scotto of HoopsHype).

“Lauri takes great pride in being from and representing Finland in the NBA,” Markkanen’s agent, Michael Lelchitski of SIG Sports, told HoopsHype in a statement. “One of his civic requirements is serving in the Finnish military. He is prepared to fulfill that duty at the appropriate time.”

BasketNews also notes that the military service is expected to begin in April 2022, which should not affect Marrkanen’s time with the Cavs in the regular season. However, if the Cavs make the playoffs, it might pose a threat to Marrkanen’s availability for Cleveland.

So far this season, Markkanen is averaging 14.5 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game for the Cavs.