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Larry Nance Jr. videobombs Summer League interview, asks question

Cavs, Larry Nance Jr.

Cavs forward Larry Nance Jr. decided to have a little fun with head coach John Beilein prior to Monday night’s Summer League matchup against the Boston Celtics.

As Beilein was answering a few questions from members of the media, Nance Jr. grabbed a microphone and made his way into the huddle. Reporters from various outlets were on-hand, but Nance’s question to Beilein took precedence.

“How excited are you to coach the sharp-shooting Larry Nance Jr?” Nance asked Beilein with a straight face.

“Larry Nance has shown some great stuff in practice,’ Beilein replied, fighting back laughter. “I’m really looking forward to it. He’s going to have a green light.”

Nance interrupted Beilein after hearing his “green light” comment:

“Can we quote you on that?” Nance asked Beilein.

Nance Jr. will likely play an important role for the Cavs in the coming season. He already has good size and strength, but his court vision and shooting are also continuing to improve.

In 67 appearances with the Cavs during the 2018-19 season (30 starts), Nance Jr. racked up averages of 9.4 points on 52.0 percent shooting from the field (career-high 33.7 percent from beyond the arc), 8.2 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.5 steals in 26.8 minutes per outing.

Exactly how the Cavs will perform in the coming season is still up for debate, as the team is clearly in a rebuilding phase. One thing is already clear, though: Nance and Beilein have a jovial relationship — an element needed between player and coach.

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