Larry Nance Jr. is no longer a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers after he was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers in the offseason, but he’s still defending one of his former teammates. That would be Cavs guard Collin Sexton, who was just viciously trashed by an anonymous scout in a Sports Illustrated article.

The criticism:

I think Collin Sexton is a backup and an a–hole. None of his teammates like him. I like Garland. I actually like Garland. I think he plays hard. He puts pressure on you because he can shoot, he can pass, and he’s a much more willing passer. He’s not out there trying to f—–g get his stats and go home in the same way that Sexton is.

That is pretty dang harsh, and Nance took to Twitter to stick up for his former Cavs teammate:

Now, there were some rumors last season about Sexton not being liked by some of his teammates. There have also been a number of trade rumors involving the guard. So even though Nance is speaking out about this, there could be at least a nugget of truth in this scouting report.

It’s still extremely harsh, and the point about anonymity is a good one. Hiding behind anonymity to completely trash a player’s reputation like this isn’t a great look.

As it stands, it seems things are going better between Sexton and the Cavs. The possibility of Sexton getting an extension has increased after a bit of doubt, so we’ll see if they can agree on something before the start of the season.

Sexton had a career season in 2020-21, averaging 24.3 points, 4.4 assists and 3.1 rebounds while shooting 47.5% overall and 37.1% from 3-point land. Cleveland struggled to a 22-50 record, but there’s promise about the young core in place.