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Larry Nance Jr. responds to kid he snubbed autograph for

Larry Nance Jr.

For most NBA players, they always find time to to sign autographs for their fans whenever they have a chance to, as they understand what it means to them, especially for young kids. Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Larry Nance Jr. was called out for snubbing a kid, as he was not able to give his signature.

The young fan’s mother posted on his Instagram account that she is saddened by the development, but what she did not know was the 6-foot-9 forward saw her video go viral all over Twitter and Instgram.

Being the true role model that he is, Nance apologized for snubbing the kid. He also wanted to let the mother know that he is not that kind of person, and would like to straighten things out by sending a DM to her to try and make up for it. The original person to post the video then acknowledged his gesture by thanking him, and giving Nance a lot of credit for admitting his mistake.

#LarryNance later apologized for not giving the kid an autograph. #BALLGOD

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This only goes to show that Nance is indeed a class act. Despite being busy and focused on how to help the Cavs be in the best possible position to enter the playoffs, he still found time to send the DM in an attempt to correct his mistake. It’s not everyday that a player of his stature does that, but it also proves that players are doing their best to live up to expectations of many on and off the court, and want to protect their image as well.

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