Larry Nance Jr has finally been able to process the fact that he is playing for his Cleveland Cavaliers, and he recently caught up with Alex Kennedy on the HoopsHype podcast and gave his thoughts on everything Cavaliers. When asked about if it is was easier to be traded with Jordan Clarkson:

“I think it makes it easier. I’ve never been traded without a teammate, but I definitely think it has made the transition easier. It’s nice to have someone who you’re familiar with and who is going through the same thing as you. It’s also nice to have someone who you can go up to when you’re uncertain about something.”

Nance Jr, is the perfect type of guy for LeBron James as he is an athletic player who really works his butt off on both sides of the ball. When asked how he felt he was fitting in:

“It’s been great! It really has been great. On a team like Cleveland, everyone is completely focused on winning. When you have a player like LeBron James, winning is all that matters. And, look, I don’t have to worry about points, I don’t have to worry about rebounds, I don’t have to worry about assists. I don’t have to focus on stats. All I need to focus on is doing whatever I possibly can to help the team win. I just need to make winning plays – whether that’s getting offensive rebounds or playing lockdown defense or doing both! It makes things a lot easier when I can just focus on those things.”

Not only is Nance excited about being with the Cavaliers though, he is excited to be on the teammate of James now instead of always having to play against him:

“Well, I’ve only played two games with him, but I think what people don’t realize is just how vocal he is on both ends of the court. He’s always calling out the coverages defensively. And he knows where everybody is supposed to be on offense, one through five, so if you’re in the wrong spot, he can help you out and direct you to the right spot. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s honestly been fun getting to watch him absolutely dominate games. Now, I get to cheer for him instead of having to go against him.”

That seems to be the common thing said about people that play with James. He is a very smart basketball player with a high basketball IQ. When you are playing with him on the court, he makes everyone around him that much better.