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Larry Nance Jr. convinced Cavs aren’t a ‘bottom-tier team’

Cavs, Larry Nance Jr.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently one of the worst teams in the league, sitting with a record of just 12-46. According to one player, however, the team is nowhere near as bad as their record would indicate.

Speaking to Cleveland.com as the Cavs begin to prepare for the final home stretch of the season, Larry Nance Jr. didn’t agree with the thought that the team was bad. “We’re not a bottom-tier team,” Larry Nance Jr. told the site. 

Of course, the Cavs’ play and their entire season speak against that, but it has been a trying time for the team. Not only have they had to deal with LeBron James no longer being on the team, but they also had to try and overcome injuries to star players like Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson, and players like J.R. Smith no longer being around the team. 

Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, the talent simply isn’t there yet, and while the team continues to test out various young players as they prepare for the end of the year, they should likely remain one of the worst teams in the league. Their effort and level of play might increase a bit, but they are, by all considerations, a bottom tier team in the NBA.

The lone bright side to this, however, will be their excellent standing in the NBA Draft Lottery. Should things work out for them, they might have a chance to bring in a player like Zion Williamson, who could be a true franchise changing player for any team. 

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