A Collin Sexton-Darius Garland duo is on the rise with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Larry Nance Jr. gave the Cavs’ dynamic guards the perfect nickname.

Via Twitter, Nance shared the nickname he gave to the duo of Sexton and Garland. The two have been tearing it up and have been instrumental in the Cavs perfect 2-0 start.

In their season opener against the Detroit Pistons, Sexton dropped 32 points, two rebounds, and three assists. Garland, for his part, went berserk with 21 points and 12 assists. Their performance guided the Cavs to a tough double-overtime win over the Pistons, 128-119.

In the following game, a 118-94 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, Sexton had 22 points, three rebounds, and three assists while Garland had 14 points and seven assists. While it’s still very early in the season, the Cavs’ undefeated record has excited all diehard fans of the Wine and Gold.

As expected, Twitter went crazy over Nance Jr.’s tweet. Several Cavs fans made all types of memes featuring the “Sexland” duo.

One fan posted an old shirt design and expressed his wish to have it back on sale.

One Cavs fan took it up a notch by coming up with a catchphrase.

Meanwhile, another Cavs fan decided to highlight another brewing duo in Cleveland featuring Sexton and Kevin Love. Like Nance, he gave the one-two punch duo a rather cheeky nickname.

It would be interesting to see if NBA commentators ride with the “Sexland” dynamic duo. The two have indeed powered the Cavaliers to a start. Perhaps if they guide Cleveland to the playoffs, then their “Sexland” tag will gain some traction. One has to admit that whatever else is happening in the NBA right now, Cleveland’s bright and positive start to the season has certainly been very sexy for the people who love their hoops in Northeast Ohio.