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Larry Nance Jr. amazed by kid who knows entire Cleveland roster

Cavs, Larry Nance Jr.

Most casual NBA fans can name a few of the players on their respective teams. Some die-hard fans know even more about their favorite organization. However, there is one two-year-old Cavs fan who can recite his team’s entire roster on a whim, including their numbers.

The little boy’s name is unknown at this time, but his love for the Cavs is evident. When asked which players wear what numbers, he was able to give a surprisingly accurate response within just a few seconds. This feat, which was caught on camera by Pastor Robert Book of Akron, Ohio, caught the attention of several members of the team, including Larry Nance Jr.

If you think your Cavs knowledge runs deep, you should check yourself before approaching this young man. At just two years of age, he already knows all of their names and numbers — even some of the players who are lesser-known. His enunciation may not be there yet, but his love for the team is. The way he calls out some of their names is simply priceless.

“Who wears number eight?” the young man was asked as he sat in his high chair.

“Matthewww Dellaaa Dovaaa!” he emphatically replied.

“Who wears number two?” the boy was then asked.

“Collin Sextonnn!” he replied with a big smile.

When it was time to call out Ante Zizic and Larry Nance Jr, the boy struggled a bit, but he delivered his message in the cutest way possible.

At 19-55 overall, the Cavs have clearly struggled to find a rhythm this season. Despite that fact, it’s nice to see this kind of support from the fan base — no matter the age.

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