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Larry Drew says he doesn’t know if he wants to coach again after brutal year with Cavs

Larry Drew

It has been a harsh season for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the post-LeBron James era, so much so that head coach Larry Drew doesn’t know if he wants to be an NBA coach anymore after this season ends.

The Cavs enter Thursday with the worst record in the NBA at 9-40. Their best player, power forward Kevin Love, has only played in four games. Love underwent foot surgery in October and it is still unknown when the All-Star will return to the team.

Larry Drew, who has been a head coach with Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks, says this season has been mentally draining on him and the players.

“I don’t know if I ever want to be a head coach again after this year,” Drew told Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. “I’ve never been with a team that has had this amount of injuries.

“You know with a rebuild, particularly if you’ve got young guys, you want them to play and get experience and you live with the mistakes they make as they continue to learn and continue to grow. But when you throw in injuries with that, that can kind of put you in a tailspin, which is what it has done to me.”

Coaching is a very stressful job, especially during a season where the team is losing a lot. What fans don’t see is when the coaches are up all night trying to figure out how to turn things around. There’s a lot of sleepless nights for coaches during an NBA season.

So, you can’t really blame Larry Drew for these comments considering the season he’s been going through with the Cavs.

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