Following a painful one-point loss at the hands of the Chicago Bulls, the Cleveland Cavaliers have every reason to feel discouraged. But head coach Larry Drew takes pride in how the Cavs are playing hard with the hand it was dealt.’s Chris Fedor wrote a column on the Cavaliers’ approach to the season and Drew’s comments on how they are handling the criticisms that come with their woeful start this season.

“We’re playing the hand we’ve been dealt and we’re making no excuses,” head coach Larry Drew said Monday. “Our guys are still going out there on the court and they’re laying it on the line. To hear them say that we’re close even as depleted as we have been this season, they still believe they can win. I’m very happy to hear them say that, I’m very encouraged to hear them say that. It just tells me these guys are committed to getting it together, regardless of what our injury situation may be or whatever the situation may be.”

With the Chicago loss, the Cavaliers are currently on a five-game slump. Just a couple of months ago, the team was pumped up on their chances to be a serious contender in the East. But injuries to Kevin Love, George Hill, and Larry Nance Jr brought them back to the reality that this will be a difficult year for the franchise.

Still, the return of LeBron James to Cleveland in 2014 breathed life to the organization. Even now that James has left the team, his teammates have maintained a winning culture that will be beneficial for them in the long run.