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Cavs coach Larry Drew plans to stagger Kevin Love’s minutes as he remains on minutes restriction

Larry Drew, Kevin Love, Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love is still on minutes restriction after recovering from toe surgery, but head coach Larry Drew has a plan in order to maximize the use of the forward despite the limitation.

Per Fox Sports Ohio, Drew said they have to make sure that Love won’t play more than the limit set by the team. He also acknowledged that while it might cause some problems in terms of rhythm, it is the reality that the Cavs have to face.

With that said, Drew laid out his plan to manage Love’s minutes. The 60-year-old coach revealed he plans on staggering the minutes of Love moving forward, a move which should allow the 30-year-old to close out games.

“He’s on a minutes restriction. So as far as juggling his minutes, whatever the flow of the game is, you know, we may be in a rhythm where we’re going through him and he’s making plays and making shots. But when it’s time for him to come out of the game, he’s got to come out of the game.

“That could disrupt our flow, that could disrupt our rhythm. But right now because he’s on a minutes restriction, that’s the game we have to play.”

This is undoubtedly a wise move by Larry Drew. While the Cavs are out of the running for the playoffs, aiming to sneak in a victory here and there would definitely boost his team’s morale. Kevin Love — unarguably their best player — will also get a chance to get his rhythm back.

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