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Larry Drew has no plans to quit; Cavs may bring in new head coach

Larry Drew, Cavs

Acting Cleveland Cavaliers coach Larry Drew has insisted that he has no plans to quit despite the possibility of him totally missing out on the head coaching gig for the Cavs.

Larry Drew took over as coach after the Cavs decided to part ways with Tyronn Lue. He was an assistant coach for the team since 2014 before his promotion.

However, while the 60-year-old coach is looking for a long-term commitment instead of taking the role in an interim basis, a report by Tom Withers of the Associated Press cited that the team may not give him what he wants and instead, may bring in a new coach.

Drew served as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks from 2010 to 2013. He led the Hawks to a winning record in each of those years, with his best season coming in the 2011-12 lockout-shortened campaign when he guided the Hawks to a 40-26 record.

He also had a one-year stint with the Milwaukee Bucks, albeit an unsuccessful one after winning just 15 games.

The Cavs have already said they could get Drew’s interim tag removed down the road, but the team certainly wants to see results before committing with him in the long run. Besides, they know committing financially to a coach can backfire as they still have $15 million left on Lue’s contract.

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