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Kyle Korver still excited about building new culture with Cavs despite poor start

Kyle Korver, Cavs

Despite rumors that he is in the trading block, Cleveland Cavaliers sharpshooter Kyle Korver is still excited about building a new culture with the Cavs.

The Cavs are currently on a woeful 1-11 start this season, but Korver remains optimistic about the team and even admitted that he likes the “building process,” per NBA.com’s Steve Aschburner.

“Yeah, I think you go into every season trying to be hopeful and optimistic. The part I was excited about, and still am excited about, is you’re building a whole, brand new culture here,” Korver said.

“The last few years was kind of top-heavy with how we operated and how we played, and there has to be a new mindset. I like the building process — that’s not the part that’s hard. Losing’s hard. And the injuries we’ve had. It’s hard to build the kind of culture you want when you’re not healthy. It’s hard to play. So we’re losing. We’re down bodies. There’s been a coaching change. We’re, what, [12] games in? A lot has happened.”

Many people expected that Cleveland would fall off the standings after LeBron James left for the bright lights of Los Angeles. However, not a lot anticipated that the Cavs would fall off the cliff this hard as characterized by their win-loss record, a coaching change, and numerous chemistry and players’ attitude issues.

The team has also elected to play their young guys more this year. Korver’s points and minutes drastically decreased this season. His averages of 5.5 points and 15.3 minutes per game are his lowest since his rookie year.

Korver has seen and experienced a lot throughout his 16-year NBA stint. While his future with the Cavaliers is uncertain, Korver is still bent on helping the team while he is here.

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