The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off a letdown 92-90 loss to the Indiana Pacers in Game 3 of their Game 3 series. There are a number of factors why the Cavs went on to lose that game despite enjoying a 17-point lead at the half. For Cleveland sharpshooter Kyle Korver, one of the key areas where his team will have to adjust is on their pace.

Speaking to reporters following the deflating setback, Korver said that “playing with more pace” is likely among the top priorities for his team as of the moment.

A look at the box scores of the first three games of the series would paint a clearer picture of what Korver was talking about. After taking just 77 field goal attempts in Game 3, the Cavs are now averaging just 76.0 shots from the floor per game in these playoffs, the worst among all teams that made it to the postseason. In other words, the Pacers have been successful so far in dictating the tempo by slowing down the pace and therefore limiting Cleveland’s scoring opportunities.

Back in the regular season, the Cavs were taking 84.8 field goal attempts per contest and were putting up 110.9 points per game. That point-production in the regular season now serves as a stark contrast to the 90.0 points per game Cleveland is making in these playoffs.

The Cavs will have a full day to make some adjustments before getting back on the court this Sunday for Game 4 of the series.