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Kevin Porter Jr. blasts disloyal fans, media

Cavs, Kevin Porter Jr.

Cavs forward Kevin Porter Jr. is upset with the way the media and fans depicted his lack of playing time in Wednesday night’s game against the Celtics.

Prior to Wednesday’s matchup, several reports were released that indicated Porter had forgot his jersey. As you might expect, the media gravitated towards this story. However, the former USC standout actually suffered a head injury in the first half and did not return to play.

Porter’s injury garnered much less attention — a point he noted in a tweet that was sent out on Thursday afternoon:

“Thank you to media for posting this & disregarding my head injury,” the Cavs talent wrote in his tweet. “Thank you for the disloyal fans/supporters, thank you for the none prayers Sparkles I love the hate that’s what keeps me going, sorry for who lost money in fantasy, didn’t plan on getting hit in the head #Scootbacksoon”

Porter was listed in the Cavs’ starting lineup, but he reportedly forgot his uniform. This left Matthew Dellevedova as a starter. Porter entered the game at the first stoppage.

In his 10 minutes of action against the Celtics, Porter scored one point, two assists and two rebounds.

At this point, the severity of Porter’s injury is not clear. The Cavs could place him under concussion protocol if he shows the requisite symptoms. If he is sidelined, Dellevedova would likely see an uptick in his usage rate.

Hopefully, Porter’s injury isn’t severe.

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