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Kevin Love’s uncle to sing in Akron on Friday

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Listen closely as what we’re about to tell you might win you a million dollars in some trivia game show in the future: Mike Love, one of the founding members of the legendary rock band, The Beach Boys, is Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love’s uncle.

You heard that right. Kevin and his father, Stan, a former NBA player himself, aren’t the only celebrities in the Love family.

Now that you’ve gotten around that fact, it’s time for us to tell you that Mike and the Beach Boys are coming to town this week, particularly to LeBron James’ birthplace of Akron this coming Friday for a show.

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

As part of the show’s promotion, Mike granted an interview to Malcolm X Abram of Ohio.com, who asked the 76-year-old musician about his baller nephew.

Q: We were speaking of family earlier and I’m wondering if you’re a big sports fan at all? (Cavaliers center/power forward Kevin Love is the son of Mike Love’s brother and former NBA player Stan Love.)

A: Ohhhhh, yeah! You know what? I told Kevin; “I used to be somebody in this family until you came along.” (Chuckles) I’ve known him all his life, of course. My wife Jacqueline used to read to he and the other children that were around — The Night Before Christmas. … He was always taller than everybody else, but he was very shy and it took him a long time to even speak.

And now he’s so cool. He’s such a cool operator and of course, we’re so very proud of him. Not the last time they were in the championships, but the year before everybody went crazy watching them beat Golden State. But it didn’t work out so well this last time.

The Cavaliers are currently on a road trip and won’t be back to Cleveland until Sunday, making it a long shot for Kevin to swing by Akron and enjoy the cool tunes of his uncle’s Hall of Fame band.

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Jason Miller/Getty Images

That’s too bad for him, as he will be missing a hell lot of fun, fun, fun.

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