With most people preoccupied with keeping our physical health in tip-top form amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to forget about the importance of also watching out for out mental health. Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love is an expert on this subject matter, and the Cavs big man shared some of his personal tips on how to deal with the pandemic from a psychological standpoint.

For starters, Love likes to keep his mind busy:

“The unknown is really what scares us,” Love told Mark Medina of USA TODAY Sports. “So for me, it’s keeping my mind occupied.”

According to Love, it’s necessary to implement some sort of daily routine:

“If you don’t have a semblance of a routine,” Love said, “that can get you worked up and stressed.”

The Cavs star explained that this routine all begins with a good night’s sleep:

“That nightly routine is huge for me,” Love said. “Sleep is so important for the brain and to fight inflammation in your body. At this time, when you can be so on edge and so stressed, I’m always trying to making sure I’m getting the proper amount of sleep.”

Love also went on to explain how physical exercise plays a pivotal role in maintaining one’s mental health:

“I always say ‘kill the body, and the mind will die,’ ” Love said. “So it’s about finding ways to move and sweat even if you’re inside. It will offset a lot of stress and anxiety.”

Finally, the one-time NBA champ with the Cavs stressed the importance of being actively conscious about the things one may encounter from the news or social media. There are lot of terrible things going on these days, and unfortunately, these can only add to one’s anxiety. Love is mindful about this:

“I’m really being mindful of conscious and what I’m consuming,” Love said. “That can be a slippery slope.”

Love can be considered an authority on mental health. The Cavs power forward is credited by many as the one who got the ball rolling — so to speak — with regards to this major issue in the NBA. So when he speaks, it is only right that we listen.