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Cavs star Kevin Love sends encouraging reminder to ease stress, anxiety due to coronavirus

Cavs, Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star big man Kevin Love joined the Today Show on NBC to discuss his donation to Cavs employees who were affected by the coronavirus suspension.

Love said he felt it was time for athletes to step up and be community leaders. The Cavs star donated $100,000 for all team workers.

As we all know, Love has been at the forefront of mental health and sharing his story with others so he can be helpful to people. He truly is one of the best human begins we have in the NBA.

The Cavs champion also offered some advice for how to remain strong despite the virus forcing people to distance from basically everyone.

“Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation,” Love said. “During those times you can feel incredibly hopeless and I think that’s at the root of all anxiety and depression. I think it’s incredibly tough and not good for you to do, to just sit at home and be by yourself and not reach out to anybody. I think people are looking for that sense of community, the feeling of kind of being integrated into something bigger than themselves.

“I think this is a great way to (stay in touch). Obviously we’re sitting here on FaceTime right now. People can do it virtually. I’ve been reaching out to my friends, my family.

“It’s really, really important to be empathetic to that. Just tell people what you’re going through. I know it’s a very stressful, anxiety-ridden time. I think if we can attack this together, human beings can be extremely, extremely resilient and we will get through it.

“But we need to stay connected and be together throughout this time. I think that’s going to allow people to be a lot healthier in the long run.”

This is a great message from Kevin Love. Not just Cavs fans need to hear this, but whole country does.

The NBA suspended its season last Wednesday after Utah Jazz big man Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus. Jazz shooting guard Donovan Mitchell is the other player on Utah who has it.

Thus far, no player on the Cavs has tested positive, at least that we know of. Detroit Pistons big man Christian Wood and Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant are the other players that have been infected by the virus.

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