No matter what people think of Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love’s basketball performance over the years, he changed the landscape of sports with one article on The Players Tribune.

The Cavs star revealed his struggles with his mental health, chronicling a time in which he suffered a panic attack during the NBA season. For that moment of vulnerability, he will receive an award, per John Telich of WJW.

From Telich, the award is a prestigious and important one. While Love must certainly be happy he is getting recognized for his frankness in this way, it still doesn’t get to the root of why Love’s story is so important.

Love was one of the first NBA players to say anything at all about struggling with mental health issues. Some have done it in the past, but no one has actually written about it in a way as powerful as Love.

Because NBA players are so seemingly accessible in a way not many other athletes in other sports are, it makes it even more impactful when they say anything at all. When Love opened up about this issue, people listened.

The issue surrounding mental health is still somewhat taboo, especially in sports. People have this image of athletes as superhuman but they are human, with problems, just like anyone else.

Love started a movement in the NBA. DeMar DeRozan came out with his own story on his struggles with mental health soon after Love released his, and fans have showed an outpouring of support for the two.

Love’s award is great, but his story’s impact is even greater.