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Kevin Love’s message to LeBron James after learning he’s joining Lakers

LeBron James Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love learned about LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers the same way most people did. The Cavs big man looked at his phone and saw an update that stated James had signed with the Lakers.

Love was on vacation at the time, but he excused himself to make a few calls and let LeBron know how he really felt.

“I was in the Hamptons and I was sitting next to a couple really good friends, and I just looked down at my phone and said ‘Oh, Bron just signed a $154 million contract with the Lakers,’” Love said. “I said ‘Ok, gotta make a few calls,’ so I stepped out and that was that. Texted him later that night, told him I loved him, told him I appreciated him and good luck.”

All class from Love. He could have easily been miffed at James for skipping town for Los Angeles, but instead, he was happy for his longtime teammate. He even told him he loved him. That’s a great friend right there.

But after the ups and downs these two have been through, it has to be hard for Love to harbor any hard feelings towards James. The two went to four straight finals together and took down the most successful regular season team of all time. Not to mention, they came back from down 3-1 to beat those 73-win Golden State Warriors.

Love and the Cavs are embarking on a new chapter without James, but it appears there are no hard feelings.

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