Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is still rehabbing from a broken hand, but he seems to be in good spirits as the All-Star weekend is upon us.

The Cavs star also seems to be able to joke about himself, and some of the issues that were said to be in the Cleveland  Cavaliers locker room.

Love was on the show talking about his new Fall Fashion line that he was releasing. The conversation between Love and host Rachel Nicholas went like this.

“I can’t give away too much but it’s a number of items and accessories that I hand-picked. I went through an entire process of finding what was really me, and it happened to be fall,” Love said, a smile coming across his face.

When asked by Nichols if he was “a fall,” Love kept going.

“I’m a fall guy,” Love said, beginning to laugh. “Right? In every way.”

Nichols and the rest of the crew loved the joke, even giving him a bit of a slow clap.

“It makes perfect sense,” Love said, still smiling.

That, of course, refers to the incident between him and Isaiah Thomas where the latter allegedly blamed Love for giving up on the Cavs when he left a blowout loss early with headaches.

LeBron James has had his trouble in Cleveland but maybe the moves that were made, and getting Thomas out of town really did lighten the mood for everyone around the organization, not just for James.

Love should be back in a couple weeks from his broken hand, and the Cavs will really try and lock in for a playoff run.