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Kevin Love gets real on Cavs’ frontcourt amid lesser role in 2021-22

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Things are about to change for Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love. After the Cavs infused their lineup with talented seven-footers this offseason, the team informed Love of their plan to play him less.

Despite being the most accomplished player on the roster, the All-Star power forward is taking things in stride. He even sang praises towards the Cavs’ young frontline at the team’s media day.

The Cavs have high expectations out of Evan Mobley after selecting him third overall in the 2021 NBA Draft. Mobley is considered a unicorn by many with his rare combination of skill, size, and ability to do backflips. He’s arguably the player who holds the highest ceiling out of anyone in Cleveland.

Meanwhile, Markkanen is a Kevin Love-lite player in terms of being a stretch big. He’s coming off a mediocre season with the Chicago Bulls, but he’s shown flashes of brilliance in his early years. In spite of the slump, Markkanen still shot a very impressive 40% clip from long range in 2020-21.

Lastly, Jarrett Allen emerged as the team’s defensive anchor after being traded from the Brooklyn Nets. He was quickly rewarded by the Cavs to the tune of $100 million over five years this offseason.

Mobley’s versatility, Markkanen’s skillset, and Allen’s consistency allow the Cavs to be extra creative with their big-man rotation. As for Love, he’s expected to take on more of a leadership role in Cleveland.

The Cavs and Love have been involved in several buyout rumors, but these were shut down by the 2016 champion himself.

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