They may have parted ways but their friendship still runs deep in their veins. Kevin Love, Dwyane Wade, and Isaiah Thomas all commented on Channing Frye’s Instagram account. Frye, being the sport that he is, replied to all of his former teammates with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On his Instagram, Frye posted a throwback picture for his 35th birthday.

The picture was host to birthday greetings from his fans. Some Cavs fans also expressed how much they miss him. But as observed by sports reporter/producer Ashley Nevel, Frye’s former and current teammates slipped in comments of their own. Below is a screencap:

Wade, Love, and Thomas poked fun at the picture. Love, as observed, commented on Frye’s no-mustache look. What’s funny about Love’s comments is that he’s self-referencing their own situation against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Frye has been known to be a great locker room guy. He’s also been active in social media, actively trolling good friend Richard Jefferson back when they were with the Cavs.

Currently, he’s with the Los Angeles Lakers along with Thomas after being traded midseason as part of a Cavalier’s roster shakeup.

Some say that he got demoted after being sent to the Lakers. Frye, though known for his jokes, gave a classy reply: