There are few more memorable final games than that of the late, great Kobe Bryant in his last game with the Lakers before retirement. According to Cavs star Kevin Love, this is exactly the way his good buddy LeBron James wants to go out when he finally calls it a career.

Love is adamant that LeBron will be able to achieve this same feat once he finally decides to retire. What Love is currently uncertain of, however, is whether James will be doing it in a Lakers jersey or in a Cavs uniform:

“Obviously, I know he wants to have a Kobe-type exit where he scores 60 and does his thing, which he probably will. Where it will be? Who the hell knows?” Love said in a recent interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report.

Love admitted that he currently has no insider knowledge about LeBron’s actual plan. However, if you ask him, Love believes that it is only right that The King ends his decorated NBA tenure with the Cavs:

“At the end of the day, I think retiring a Cav for him, the city, and Arkron, and Ohio,” Love said as he trailed off. “He’ll have that statue. I can’t wait till that goes up, I’ll be there.”

All I know is that wherever LeBron ends up playing his final game — be it with the Lakers, the Cavs, or any other team, for that matter — it’s definitely going to be a sad day as we bid farewell to a legend that changed the sport forever.