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Cavs star Kevin Love discusses special bond with Channing Frye

Channing Frye, Kevin Love, Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers forwards Kevin Love and Channing Frye has formed a great friendship over the past couple of seasons.

Despite the Cavs’ abysmal season, they have remained a positive presence in the locker room. And with Frye recently announcing his retirement, Love can’t help but share some of the great things about his relationship with the 35-year-old NBA veteran.

Love has been dealing with several injuries this season, and he said Frye has been able to help him overcome the emotional struggles that was brought by all the setbacks.

“I’ve had conversations at length with him about the season that he missed with his heart and what he went through, And, really, the anxiety that it gave him as far as providing for his family and not being able to get back to the game that he loved potentially,” Love told James Herbert of CBS Sports.

“He’s been very open to me about that and has helped me with some of the struggles that I’ve had.”

Love said he and Frye will continue to keep in touch, even after the latter leaves the team to stay in Portland.

“That’s my favorite thing about Channing. We’ll be lifelong friends. He’ll live in Portland and I’ll get to see him a lot even in his retirement.”

Then he jokingly said this.

“My least favorite thing about Channing is that I’m going to see him a lot in retirement.”

Love and Frye were members of the 2016 Cavs team that overcame a 1-3 deficit against the Golden State Warriors to win the championship that season. And while other players have left the team to look for success elsewhere, both of them have remained committed to the franchise.

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