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Kevin Love claims 2017 Cavs were more talented than 2016 championship team

Kevin Love, Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love recently took a quick trip down memory lane as he discussed the Cavs’ title-winning side in 2016. According to the five-time All-Star, their lineup the following season was actually more talented than that championship-winning squad.

Love recently guested on the “Ledlow & Parker” podcast, and he discussed the rationale behind his statement about the Cavs:

“In 2017, I actually think that was our most talented team,” Love said, via Brad Sullivan of Cavaliers Nation. “And that was one where like, we’re three years in, some of the jokes aren’t as funny anymore, stuff is falling on deaf ears or it’s raining hollow. Everybody’s kinda like, ‘Oh, we’ll figure it out during the playoffs.’ So we’re not trending or hitting on all cylinders on the time that we should.

“Then of course we come out and we’re like, ‘Oh, this is easy, we’re just gonna make it to the Finals and we’re gonna give it our best shot.’ Had we really locked in that I feel like could have been—cause it’s only this much between winning and losing—I felt like that was our most talented team and I think we only won one game in the Finals.”

Love is clearly stating here that the mental aspect was what caused the downfall of the 2017 Cavs. As he explained above, that particular lineup was not completely “locked in” that season, and perhaps were somewhat resting on their laurels.

The Cavs did make it to the NBA Finals in 2017, though, as they defended their title in a rematch against the Golden State Warriors. Love and company were completely outplayed by the Dubs, however, as they succumbed to the Warriors in that series, 4-1.

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