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Video: Kevin Love celebrates with the goal post after LeBron James’ dunk

kevin love

The Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be extra happy the past few games. Kevin Love’s recent antics, though a bit odd, shows that the Cavs are finally having a good time.

After seeing LeBron James dunk on two players, Love stood up from the bench and casually jumped and bumped the goal post in celebration. It wasn’t noticed by his teammates:

Perhaps Love was just too happy. After all, the Cavs are sitting on a five-game winning streak right now after beating the Brooklyn Nets 121-114. Love offered 20 points and 15 rebounds and nailed three of six from downtown. Their new recruits George Hill, Rodney Hood, and Jordan Clarkson, also had a productive night with 17, 16, and 18 points respectively.

James meanwhile had a monster game with 37 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists. He also shot 73.7 percent from the field.

Per Anthony J. Cuasi of the New York Post, James commented after the game:

“We’re just trying to get better,” he said after Cleveland opened a three-game trip with its fourth straight win. “Even with everything that’s going on with our ball club from our coach being out to some of our players being out for personal reasons or injuries we’re just trying to continue to get better. That’s our goal.”

“Rodney, Jordan, and Larry, they all bring something different and it works well for our team,” James said. “When they get more and more comfortable with what we want to accomplish we’ll become better and better. It’s a good mix for us.”

While this celebration from Love is odd, nothing beats him sliding on his back while down on the floor.

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