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Cavs’ Kevin Love can see a scenario in which he’s traded

Kevin Love, Cavaliers

Kevin Love, who’s still out with an injury, sees a scenario in which he’ll be traded away by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The 30-year-old Love, who’s eyeing a mid-January return from foot surgery, hasn’t requested a trade despite the disappointing turnout of the season. Despite this, Love could see a trade happen, according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic:

However, he sees a scenario in which he could be traded, if the Cavs wanted and were able to acquire a package of picks, younger players and tradeable contracts.

However, according to Cavs officials, there have been no talks with regards to trading him away. According to them, they are still waiting to see how Love can co-exist with rookie Collin Sexton. Love only played four games before going down with the injury.

On top of this, Love’s big contract is not an attractive proposition to teams all over the league. Over the summer, he inked a hefty four-year, $120 million deal.

The Cavaliers sport a dismal 5-19 record so far. Despite this, head coach Larry Drew remains positive that it will turn out better for the team:

“I think we’ll be a lot better,” coach Larry Drew said. “Kevin has been our go-to guy, and we haven’t had that all season long. … And then Kevin gives us, not taking anything away from our other big guys, but he’s our No. 1 post priority and we haven’t had that all year. That makes it tough.”

It’s safe to assume that the Cavs won’t be making waves in the playoffs this year like in the past four seasons. The question for the Cavs is how can they rebuild without taking too much of a beating.

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