Five months ago, Cleveland Cavaliers big man Kevin Love opened up to the world about his mental health issues. Today, he has become the unofficial spokesperson of the league on the matter, and is making sure to put his position to good use.

According to Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, Love has set out to do everything in his power to help others like him who are in need.

“Love says he’s in the process of establishing a foundation centered on mental health with an emphasis on helping young boys,” writes MacMullan. “He is drawn to others who have struggled with mental health.”

Having struggled with anxiety himself at a very young age, Love knows exactly what these young boys are going through. This is why he is doing everything he can to lend a helping hand to these anguished kids.

Love appreciates how fortunate he is to be able to have the means and the support system to effectively ward off his demons. He also knows that there are others who are not as privileged, and these are the very people he would like to reach out to.

When asked how much helping others means to him, Love made it abundantly clear that this is equally, if not even more important to him than the game of basketball itself.

“I think,” says the Cavs forward, “I have found my life’s work.”

The fight against mental illness is not going to be an easy one. Nonetheless, Love appears to be determined to face it head on.