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Kanye West thinks LeBron James should not have left Cleveland

Despite already having made his debut for the Los Angeles Lakers — albeit in a preseason game — a lot of people still cannot get over the fact that LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavs for a second time in his career. Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist and producer Kanye West is the latest to speak his mind about this hot topic, and the rapper did not hold back.

In a recent interview, West was his usual outspoken self, and somehow got into the topic of basketball and the influence the former Cavs star has on the sport. While West acknowledged that he is by no means an authority on the matter, it did not hold him back from contradicting the decision made by one of the greatest to ever play the sport.

“It’s not my place, but I feel like LeBron really needs to be in Cleveland,” said West, per TMZ Sports.

Once was not enough for West, and he had to reiterate his belief just to make the message loud and clear — as if it wasn’t already in the first place.

“Ain’t my place, and I’m sorry, LeBron, for saying and speaking out of place,” he repeated. “But I feel like LeBron needs to be Cleveland.”

West did apologize to James for his bold statement (much like he did to Taylor Swift in that infamous scene-stealing Grammy Awards moment), and he did seem rather sincere about it.

See for yourself. Here is the clip courtesy of TMZ Sports:


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