When Bleacher Report recently posted the now-iconic photo of LeBron James in the process of throwing down a vicious dunk with teammate Dwyane Wade celebrating in the foreground, pop star Justin Timberlake felt that he had to say something.

The featured photo was taken back in 2010 when James and Wade were still the terrifying Miami Heat tandem that constantly scared the rest of the league. As for Timberlake, 2010 was part of his four-year music hiatus to focus on his acting career.

The said photo remains as one of the most popular in the NBA, thanks to its blend of power, gracefulness, showmanship, and excellent timing executed by both the photographer and the Heat’s pair of Alphas. Seriously, there’s not a bad thing on that image.

Seven years later, James is still on top of his game, as he continues to lead the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. They are currently in a conference finals battle with the Boston Celtics. As for Wade, he had a forgettable stint with the Cavs this season before getting traded back to the Heat, who were eliminated in the first round by the Philadelphia 76ers. And Timberlake? He’s still rich and famous just like his buddy LeBron.