When a team is eliminated from the playoffs, one of the first things the players usually do is grab their golf clubs and spend the summer on the links.

Not all NBA players wait for the summer to roll around though, and that is the case for J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers who uses golf during the season to get his mind off of basketball and to relieve from stress.

For most 18 holes is enough, but for a golf-obsessed player like Smith 27 is the perfect number. For Smith, golf isn’t just a hobby it’s a way of life for him.

In 2014 Bleacher Report did an article about how obsessed and good Smith is at the sport. In 2014 Smith was averaging 310 yards off the tee and his handicap was only 13. Considering that was four years ago one can only assume that his golf game has gotten better.

For Smith, he hasn’t been golfing for a long time, but he has been a natural since he started. During a Pro-Am that Rashard Lewis was hosting Smith was riding along with Moses Malone. Malone encouraged him to tee one up and on his first shot the ball flew 300 yards dead center.

During the offseason that is when Smith will really get into the PGA tour. He travels around attending a lot of tournaments and tries to pick up little tips for his golf game.

For now, Smith is still serious about the NBA but when he decides to retire it wouldn’t be surprising to see him try to compete on the tour.