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JR Smith reveals his favorite, most memorable shoes

JR Smith

JR Smith is one of the most entertaining personalities in all of basketball. He’s a larger than life figure at times and he’s always stylish on and off the court.

Starting at 2:22, Smith begins to discuss some of his favorite pairs of sneakers. He attaches certain sneakers to specific memorable moments he has on the court. He specifically points out the Air Jordan “Cool Grey” XI’s as a pair of shoes that he tends to play well in.

He mentions that he wore this pair of sneakers during two of the best dunks of his career. The first was a posterization of Gary Neal while Smith was in Denver.

The second was a stunning alley-oop reverse dunk in Madison Square Garden against — once again — the San Antonio Spurs. Maybe the dunks had more to do with the opponent than the shoes?

JR was asked whether or not he keeps sneakers like this and he said he does not. But he did say his father keeps most of his memorabilia. Whether it’s shoes, jerseys or the ball that the Cavaliers used to win a championship, Smith said his father is a freak for memorabilia.

Smith is looking to make a few more memorable moments this upcoming season with the Cavaliers. Without LeBron James, there is an opportunity for others on the team to step up and take more responsibility on offense. Smith is looking to rebound after an all-time gaffe in Game 1 of the NBA Finals where he forgot the score.

His father probably isn’t keeping any memorabilia from that moment in Smith’s career.

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