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J.R. Smith gets back at fan who blames him for Finals loss

J.R. Smith

Months removed from his Finals Game 1 debacle for the Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith continues to feel the wrath of Cavs supporters. Smith is sick of all the finger-pointing and had to air out his frustrations on a random Twitter user that had some pretty loaded allegations directed at the former Sixth Man of the Year winner.

A fan had to bring up Smith’s infamous brain fart from last season’s Finals against the Golden State Warriors and even posted a GIF to boot. Smith was having none of it and clapped back with a fairly logical response.

While Smith has, on multiple occasions, admitted to his mistake, he is adamant that this single act did not lose the championship for the Cavs. After all, this was just Game 1 of a best-of-seven series, and a lot still went down after this now-legendary blunder. Moreover, the play did not even directly cost the game for the Cavs. Game 1 went into overtime, and the Cavaliers were in it with a chance of stealing the first game of the series until the very end.

Nonetheless, the fan also makes a valid argument. Many believe that Smith’s blooper was perhaps the most pivotal play for the Cavs during the entire series. Had Smith been more aware of the situation, then perhaps the Cavs could have taken Game 1 on the road. That certainly would have changed the tone of the series, and placed the Cavs in the best position to topple the heavy favorites en route to Cleveland’s second championship in three years.

Then again, maybe not; we will never know. Unfortunately for Smith, this play will forever be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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