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Cavs news: J.R. Smith fed up with recent trouble in U.S, tweets that he is out

J.R. Smith

Much has been said about the recent fiasco in Charlottesville, VA. White nationalist protesters decided it was time to take the streets and voice their frustrations with their country. Unfortunately, the protests got out of hand, even resulting in the death of an innocent bystander.

Now about a week removed from the incident, the entire United States has been up in arms about the protests, hoping for peace and unity in a country that should stand for racial equality. Even professional athletes (including LeBron James) are joining the conversation regarding the troubling times. J.R. Smith, usually the type to not address a situation as serious as this. finally has something to say.

Minus the embarrassing typo, Smith makes a solid point when tweeting out his frustrations. The United States, as we all know, used to enslave African Americans for labor and other fiendish tasks, but this was finally outlawed after the Civil War. Unfortunately, 150+ years of slavery being banned has not been enough time to rid the U.S of it’s institutional oppression on blacks and minorities, and these white nationalist protests exemplify this notion.

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