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Jordan Clarkson implores NBA to allow players to participate in more world events

Jordan Clarkson, Cavs

Jordan Clarkson has voiced his thoughts on the NBA allowing more of its players to participate in global events. Clarkson has received a “one-time exception” to play for the Philippines in the Asian Games in Jakarta.

Aside from the Cavs shooting guard, Houston’s Zhou Qi and Dallas’ Ding Yanhuyang also received the green light to represent China in the Asian Games. As noted in an AP post, Jordan never gave up on his dreams to rep the PH team and now, he is finally realizing that dream.

After being told no so many times, I refused to give up. I kept fighting. I’m here now, ready to compete. I think they get the point — in Asia kids are picking up a basketball. I feel like the NBA is allowing us to do our thing.

The NBA is only protecting its assets, one of the reasons why it is reluctant to lend players to national teams especially when the start of the season is just around the corner. JC is a vital cog in the Cavs roster this season and great things are expected of him. Risking losing him to injuries in the offseason will not be a good news to the Cavs organization.

On the other hand, allowing these players to represent their country will do good in spreading the sport globally. A lot of young hoopers get inspired watching their idols represent their country. The NBA will effectively expand their market as a result.

Nevertheless, what Jordan Clarkson says should at least be taken into consideration.

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