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Jordan Clarkson added to Philippines’ national team pool for Asian Games

jordan clarkson

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson might finally get a chance to play for the Philippines’ national team. The Filipino-American’s name was added to the 18-man list of players who can represent the country for the Asian Games later this year, according to ESPN.

“That’s true. We’re interested in inviting Jordan. But I think the one that’s arranging that is Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas,” Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) president Ricky Vargas said. “Clarkson is on the list.”

The POC is working on getting permission from the Cavs to allow Clarkson to play in the upcoming games which start on August 14th. Although not confirmed, signs point towards the Cavaliers allowing Clarkson to play in the games.

Clarkson’s mom is half-Filipino which makes him eligible for the team. In fact, he’s been talking about wanting to play for the Philippine team for quite some time.

“It’s definitely something I want to do. Everything just kind of didn’t work out —the FIBA rules, all that stuff,” Clarkson said in a radio interview posted on the Cleveland Cavaliers website.

“Hopefully it comes out soon and I’ll be able to suit up.”

According to ABS-CBN, one thing that has held Clarkson back has been the FIBA rules:

He didn’t acquire a Philippine passport before turning 18 years old, a requirement by international governing body FIBA, which means he would have to be naturalized in order to join the team.

It should be noted, however, that the Asian Games tilt isn’t under FIBA’s governance. Hence, Clarkson can play as a local. His addition would be a huge boost to the Filipinos’ cause after a FIBA ruling handed out suspensions to several members of the team following its brawl against Australia in the World Cup qualifiers.

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