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John Beilein cites health reasons for resigning as Cavs coach

John Beilein, Cavs

John Beilein resigned from his position as Cleveland Cavaliers head coach on Wednesday after the Cavs discussed it with him during the All-Star break.

Though Beilein has not been totally removed from the organization — Beilein is expected to be reassigned — he will have a diminished role all the same.

In a statement, Beilein said he was concerned for both his mental and the well-being of his family had he continued to coach the Cavs.

“This was a very difficult decision for me, but I want to be clear – this was my decision to step down and I truly appreciate the understanding and support of the front office during this time,” Beilein said.

“I find losing very challenging and this year has taken a much bigger toll on me than I expected. I grew concerned for the consequences this toll could potentially take on my own health and my family’s well-being down the road. I was not certain I could be at my best for the remainder of the season and in the future. That would not be fair to the players, coaches and support staff.”

The former University of Michigan head coach was in his first year with the Cavs, one that proved incredibly tenuous and frustrating.

Beilein was criticized for describing his team a “bunch of thugs,” though he said he misspoke. He slowly lost the support of veteran players like Tristan Thompson while also presiding over multiple Kevin Love outbursts in early January.

Citing health is reasonable, particularly if Beilein feels his character is being misrepresented while also losing control over the locker room. Regardless, this appears to be the best decision for both sides.

J.B. Bickerstaff will take over from John Beilein as full-time head coach.

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