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Cavs’ Jeff Green went skating while too injured to play

Jeff Green

After the Cleveland Cavaliers announced that Jeff Green will miss at least two games due to a lower back injury, it was expected that he would receive a lot of treatment on it to try and get back to 100 percent as soon as possible. However, that has not been the case, and the veteran forward even joined his teammates during a recent bonding session.

It wasn’t just any session though, as it required him to go skating, which is not only physical, but could also strain his back. He was seen inside the rink in an Instagram story from LeBron James , and looked fine despite not cleared to play basketball.

The Cavs staff are not too concerned about it though, according to Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. They wanted the fans to know that skating is not as physical as playing in a competitive basketball game. They also added that Green’s back is already improving and could return to action anytime soon.

“Cavs staff, in talking with cleveland.com, said while the appearance of Green on roller skates at a time when he can’t play because of a back injury is not a great look, the team’s intent was to keep Green out of games for a period of five days to rest his body from the rigors of NBA court battles.”

“Roller skating should not be equated with the pounding the body takes during a game, they said. Green’s back is improving — he was moving and shooting well during the team’s shootaround this morning.”

For what it’s worth, Green is still slated to miss the team’s game on Monday against the Detroit Pistons. While it is the second consecutive game he’ll miss, and part of his schedule, it will still be interesting to see if he’ll be able to suit up later this week. If everything goes according to plan, he can return as early as Wednesday versus the Denver Nuggets, and prove that his injury was not aggravated because of skating.

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